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Joe_ gaming_
Hey, Do you need this Certain Browser to Create the chat

Thanks Joe

Comment from : Joe_ gaming_

Best Offers
best chatting social media for anonymous people

Comment from : Best Offers

Matej Hanus
Comment from : Matej Hanus

Matej Hanus
Ricochet 1.1.4 ?
Comment from : Matej Hanus

Hellonearth Blake
Stick a keylogger on an onion page you made they work. You an collect bits and bobs
Comment from : Hellonearth Blake

Carrie R,
i wish you should show you!
Comment from : Carrie R,

Parag Dhali
Use TorChat. this is more secure. This is not secure.
Comment from : Parag Dhali

You might as well just use TOR messenger
Comment from : silverbullet2008bb

caroline2000 hills
the best way to become anonymous online, 100% secured.. www.hidemyass.com/vpn/r19930/
Comment from : caroline2000 hills

Chris Banana
There used to be an awesome site that would do this for FB messages, was pretty cool, but they shutdown :/
Comment from : Chris Banana

Tom Stepp
Hillary never watched this.
Comment from : Tom Stepp

Remember to uninstall windows, its one of the worst spying viruses out there (:
Comment from : Guy1524

Tor is not secure.
Comment from : Eli

This guide is not good for someone evading Gov. It's good for everyday use to keep your life private. Use Tails never Tor browser or normal OS. They don't just listen they hack.
Comment from : TheLasersShadow

I used to use all these dang fangled ways to stay anonymous online, I even made a video about it. It included Tor & red phone and all that. But honestly it makes even the smallest of casual things done online a hassle. And government agencies have loads of ways they can work around your work arounds. So if you are not secretly communicating with a rogue NSA whistle blower, I wouldn't even bother.
Comment from : ThePromisedWLAN

T Oadaly
I really don't trust any IT security, nor any encryption. Sure, it's better to use it than not, but nothing is foolproof, nor really even all that fool resistant.
Comment from : T Oadaly

Mike M
I heard that there was a school that decrypted tor users
Comment from : Mike M

Anonymity on the web??!!! Surely, you jest!
Comment from : ThinkerOnTheBus

OR, Or you can just meet the person you want to chat with IN PERSON !
Comment from : craigerlist

Who is this video intended for? I can't imagine why most people would need to hide their chatting.
Comment from : marce11o

Why the fuck use Mac as example????
If you want something that let you customize completely your security, chose linux, if you want to appeal to most desktop users, use windows... if you want to alienate your audience, use mac.

Comment from : Yetanotherytuser

Or you could, you know, mail a fucking letter. They'll never find it among all the ebay packages at the post office even if they think to check for snail mail.
Comment from : s0nnyburnett

Pidgin is the Windows equivalent for Adium.
Comment from : starrychloe

Baby Yoda
The point is we shouldn't have to do this shit
Comment from : Baby Yoda

Jon Mapa
Only losers would need these stuff.
Comment from : Jon Mapa

You don't need crazy, hard to remember passwords. Here's an explanation:


Comment from : chbrules

Zamir Humud
I just use snapshot, loi
Comment from : Zamir Humud

Now I can upload my dank memes with confidence!
Comment from : TGGeko

why the fuck would you go through all this trouble to have an anonymous chat with a friend? unless you doing something sketchy you wouldn't need this level of encryption.
Comment from : MrJaco324

Now I can take over the World....lol
Comment from : maxjosephwheeler

this smells fishy
Comment from : Solarius

James Best
fuck you.You hide or you fight.Time to fight.WTFU.
Comment from : James Best

But the government keeps telling me that if I'm not doing anything wrong then I have nothing to hide. wink wink
Comment from : Serahpin

Tor is not as secure as most people like to think it is. There are reports that many of the exit nodes are already compromised, either by botnets or actual agents. This topic is more complicated than this video implies so if you actually want to have encrypted chats, do some more research before following these steps.
Comment from : Smelson

George Cataloni
Jabber is complicated af! I'll just chat out in the open. - George Cataloni
Comment from : George Cataloni

iheartHayek BastiatBuddy xD

1. Make a virtual machine on seperate Disk.
2. Only use the machine for chatting.
3. Install Hexchat/pidgin, or other(Use tunnel protocol/P2P 256 bit or above encryption and OTR)
4. Setup double proxy OR/AND VPN

Comment from : Murray

Josh Patterson
Tor is sooooo slow tho unless you have a good hardline connection it's unusable
Comment from : Josh Patterson

Install TAILS to a USB stick and stop using Windows, Apple, or Android. How's that?
Comment from : americanswan

Mr Humpty
You guys realize you just gave a howto on an OS that 8% use? Dare I recommend focusing on the other 85%+ on windows?
Comment from : Mr Humpty

derty QWERTY
This video is bogus, for a fact. Being an IT security person with an actual degree in this stuff, and using this stuff for decade or more (and better) years before snowden, this is clearly all bogus, LET ME TELL YOU.

 Tor is NOT secure, go research who made it, it was the government. Tor can be cracked, your identity can be easily given up if you use Tor and rely on it, mark my words, I have already done the research on it years ago. Go research the Utah Data Center, dig deep into the stories and videos of people driving up to it, the people in that building can decrypt most 'encryption' today, even those that claim 'military grade', believe me, its all hackable by the government supercomputers. You need QUANTUM ENCRYPTION, nobody can crack that.

I will not go into my methods for obvious reasons (so they continue to work) but people should research more into this instead of relying on one video they see on youtube, one which belongs to a pretty fishy organization that may have government ties in itself.

This is all smoke and mirrors, they want you to believe you are bypassing and being secret, when they have the key to your back door (ZING!). Also if you think VPNs are safe, think again, the NSA was just busted putting backdoor spyware on Juniper VPN servers used by most VPN companies online!

SERIOUSLY, believe me, you have to dig deep to learn how to be secure, TRULY.
Burner phones are still the best way to avoid indentification, android phones especially, being 9 dollars with no name attached to it (dollar stores have them at this price since 2015, use your head and think about that one ;)

Comment from : derty QWERTY

This is much easier on Android.

Install Orbot.
Start Orbot.
Install ChatSecure.
Ignore first four login tabs of ChatSecure. Login using Anonymous login which is the fifth tab or last tab.
Add contacts to desired account. (you can create a new anonymous ID for each contact for added security)
Chat away.

Comment from : americanswan

Mac? Are you fucking serious? Way to make this video useless to 99% of the viewers, yay!
Comment from : apburner1

Do Reason Linux?

Santiago Bron
Jabber needs to be the new Facebook, or twitter or whatever the kids use these days.
Comment from : Santiago Bron

lol @ focusing on mac. Now 4% of your audience can chat anonymously. I've never understood why media types think everyone else uses their ridiculous operating system.
Comment from : daxdigitalus

Just so you know, the NSA has discovered flaws in Tor which allow them to de-anonymize virtually any user. You should not trust Tor!
Comment from : sigatus

are you serious? Mac? fucking NSA wetdream machine?
Comment from : Starius2

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